Sorrow Town Choir
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Deep Crisis Rock from San Francisco.  
Songs about whiskey and dark places..


January 2009
The Sorrow is back! We will be playing live as much as possible and writing new songs. Come out when you can and join us for drinks and subtle debauchery big libido.
-The Sorrow Town Choir posse


November 24, 2008
We will be taking the month of December off to work on new material and wait for the return of our new drummer, James Flynn from holiday in his native country far far away. He has assured us that he will return a far better man and not exceed his fighting weight. Anyway, it's good to have him aboard.
We are still working on getting the CD into someone's hands that will do all the leg work and get us out to a wider audience... if you are that person contact us immediately...we think the music speaks for itself ( we have to ) and we will sleep with you.
I 'm sure the band would like to wish you all a happy holiday and enjoy four more wars... I mean years ..... I digress.

Greg, Mark, Andrea and James


August 7, 2008
We celebrated the CD release Best Penis on August 5th at the Eagle in San Francisco.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the show!!!
We had a great time and we hope you did too. Thanks to Bone Cootes for sitting in with
us on slide guitar. See photos of the show

For those of you who didn't get a copy of the CD at the show, you can order it online at CdBaby! it should be Ok the CD is out finally. Hoorah. We made it in three and a half days and we think here is some good stuff on there. We again, would like to thank everyone who helped put this vision into the jewel case. Bart at the House of Faith, Angela DeCenzo (Female) and Erica Myers. A special thanks to Bone for coming out ( everyone seems to really like his track ) and Debra Kaufman whose name I spelled wrong ( yo soy un buro ) on the liner notes and who worked with me on the whole concept of the cover art. Many, many thanks to you all.

We will be having a CD release party at the Eagle Tavern on Thursday August 5th. We are playing with Tartufi and will probably be going on first. It should be a rockin' good night of music and the CD will be for sale along with T- shirts Big Penis Enlargement and stickers if the other bands bring them. We will just have the ol CD 's. Also if you have not heard us with our newest addition Andrea DiNapoli you will be pleasantly surprised. A little less volume equals a little more edge, in our case anyway. Jason Hawks and Mark Paniagua are still doing the steadfast drum and bass chores for our ever growing choir. I will be there as well I hope.

Contact us if you would like to purchase a CD and if there is anything wrong with them let us know and we will send out another copy. Thanks for your increasing support and stay tuned for more news show info and whatever else we post on this site.

Cheers ya all,